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Account Set-up

Full account creation on various platforms including branding and bios.

Strategy & Execution

Research, create and execute full digital content and campaign strategies.

Increase Engagement

Increase your social following and encourage consistent, engagement.

Scheduled Content

Manage daily, weekly, monthly planned content scheduling and execution.

Content Creation

Create on brand content targeting the right people with appropriate hashtags.

Establish Style

Establish a consistent style and tone of voice that connects with your audience.

Customer Interaction

Respond to customer/follower comments and queries.

Offers & Competitions

Plan and deliver effective competitions and seasonal offers.

Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness whilst building customer loyalty and retention.

Exclusive Partnership

Our exclusive partnership with Social Turtle gives our clients preferential pricing on a range of social media packages, from content creation and strategy to full account and campaign management.

Social Media FAQ

Over the last decade, social media has become integral to every day life. Businesses are now turning to social media over more traditional forms of advertising. TV, radio and print has its place but social media has firmly made its case.

The best thing about social media is that the audience are actively choosing to look at 'stuff'. By plonking your business in amongst said 'stuff', you can tap into a hugely receptive audience.

'Like'-driven juggernauts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have managed to blur the lines between personal and work life (LinkedIn's success lies largely in B2B and B2E). By building a voice/personality, businesses can interact with audiences in new ways. This has helped businesses build trust. Whether you post once a day or once a week, social media provides a way to remind people that you exist!

Everyone can use it!

You don't need McDonald's-esque budgets to do well either. In fact, you don't actually need to spend any money on it at all.

However, you're likely reading this because you could benefit from some pro-expertise. If that’s the case, we’re glad you found us. Powered by social media experts, Social Turtle, we offer full social media services and account management. From enticing content to follower growth strategy, Studio Apollo can organically grow audience engagement and with it your business.

You can get noticed in one of two ways on social media. You can either pay to get noticed - or you can not pay and still get noticed.

'Paid for' social media involves a 'pay-per-click' or 'pay-per-impression' approach. Essentially, you let a nerdy, privacy invading algorithm serve up your 'advert' to a target demographic until your fresh outta money! The second approach - the 'organic' approach - takes a much more 'social' stance and feeds on time instead of cash.

Both have their benefits but we often find that businesses want to build relationships over plugging promotions. This means that businesses should concentrate on 'organic' social media, not 'paid'.

Organic social media can be as effective as paid for if done correctly. Organic social media is about creating a persona that your audience can engage with. Is your content useful? Informative? Emotive? When was the last time you enjoyed a commercial break more than the programme itself? If you offer your audience content that they want to engage with then who needs adverts?

This where good social media management comes in. Studio Apollo help create cool content that people want to interact with. Content that helps people make informed choices. Around 60% of purchase decisions can now be traced back to social media at some stage! We help you identify the people you want to engage with and enable you to do so in a non-intrusive way that helps to build trust.

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